Welcome back to part three of my series on bright blue makeup. If you've missed the past posts, you can check out some beautiful blue-green and turquoise eye shadows here. Below are three electric aqua eyeliners great for creating anything from an edgy rock-star look to that of a playful party girl!

Starry-Eyed Liquid Eyeliner in Drunk Dial (17.50) is a daring liquid teal blue eyeliner that is packed with glitter. The super-fine brush makes application easy, and it is formulated with good-for-you ingredients like soothing carrot and calming cucumber.

Wear it alone or on top of an already pencil-lined eye for increased intensity And if you think this name is cute, you should see the rest of them. Makeup can be so much fun!

For two more aqua eyeliners,

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in Turquoise ($16) is a waterproof eye liner pencil that glides on smooth and lasts all day long—even through your sweat and tears!

MAC Technakohl Liner in Smoothblue ($14.50) is an ocean blue color with a frosty sheen. What's great about this mechanical liner is that you can maneuver the pencil to lay flat for a thick line, or use the tip of the point for a fine line.

The texture is soft and creamy and the color is intense! It blends easily, but you have to work fast since the color will dry to a smudge-proof finish rather quickly.