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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Interview

Bobbi Brown Explains Why She Likes "Real" Women

For Bobbi Brown's sixth book, she returned to a group close to her heart: teenage girls. The makeup artist's new book, Beauty Rules, focuses as much on inner beauty as it does on looking good. Along with guidelines for applying makeup and taking care of skin, the book offers level-headed advice for building self-esteem. We caught up with Bobbi to find out what inspired her to reach out to young women. For the Q&A, keep reading.

BellaSugar: Why did you decide to do a second book for teens?
Bobbi Brown
: I realized the other book was 10 years old. Even though a lot of the information in the book is the same, so much has changed. I think it's really important to teach girls to feel good about themselves and not compare themselves to actresses. They just need to learn more self-esteem.

BellaSugar: You're known for working with real, regular women. Why is that important to you?
: Well, I happen to find beauty in probably places that other people don't. I just think that all women are beautiful — especially young girls, they're knockouts. All of the makeup I do is not for runways or the magazines; it's for a real person.


BellaSugar: If you could talk to your teenage self, what advice would you give her?
: I would tell her to relax and chill, that it's going to be OK. But it wouldn’t have made any difference.

BellaSugar: None?
: No, I don't think so. I think it's a normal process. Hopefully people come out on the other end realizing there's a reason you went through all that angst. If you do something positive with it instead of negative with it, that is a good thing.

Beauty Rules and its accompanying face palette are in stores now.

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