Palettes are tricky little beasts. Sometimes, you get a slew of shades you'll want to use every day. Other times, you get one or two good ones, then some glittery green monstrosity of an eye shadow that renders the rest of the palette worthless. The latest Bobbi Brown lip and eye palette ($60) rests firmly in the former. The compact, double-decker palette has four shades each of lip color and shimmery eye shadow, and there's nary a stinker to be found.

Craving more Bobbi? To see two more treats,


This Copper Diamond Beauty Kit ($95) isn't a bad item to add to your holiday wish list. (So what if it's too early?) The two-tiered case has room for brushes, makeup, and other goodies. Sadly, it doesn't come with the cosmetics pictured, but that just means that your wish list might get longer.

However, this Deluxe Beauty Trunk, a Neiman Marcus exclusive, does come with goodies galore: two palettes, a concealer kit, three foundations, nine eye shadows... and that just scratches the surface. At first, I thought it was yours for $200 — not a bad deal. Then I looked closer and saw the additional zero. That would be $2,000, not $200. Oops. Still nice to look at, though, isn't it?