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Bon Voyage, Bonnaroo! Peep the Best Social Snaps Straight From the Farm

Jun 17 2014 - 6:30am

As the name suggests, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, located in Manchester, TN, is solely dedicated to the celebration of lyrical and artistic talent — unlike some of the more celebrity-driven fetes nowadays. After four fun-filled days of feel-it-in-your-bones performances, delicious but not quite so nutritious farm fare, and a surplus of festival street style [1] and beauty bites [2], we can now say we've 'roo'd with the best of them.

Before we bid adieu to this year's unforgettable bash, let's relive some of our favorite social moments from the farm.

Monochrome Must Haves

A studded Street Level book bag, woven J.Crew fedora, and mirrored shades.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [3]

If It Ain't Broke . . .

You can't go wrong with a printed slip dress, lace-up boots, and heat-blasting braids.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [4]

Je T'aime Face Paint

POPSUGAR editor Jessica Cruel made a pit stop for some festive face paint.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [5]

Baja Babe

This Bonnaroonian went hands-free with a chromatic one-shoulder backpack.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [6]

All You Need Is Love

Ashley Madekwe topped her lace shorts with a snap-worthy tunic and red leather bag while posing by some collaborative artwork.

Source: Instagram user smashleybell [7]

Suga, Suga How You Get So Fly?

A rosette flower crown, lace-rimmed shades, and a pink pout oozed fairy-tale charm.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [8]

Bright Lights

The Ferris wheel looks so lovely at night, doesn't it?

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [9]

Dancing Queen

Jessica broke for the Silent Disco. Her jam of choice? Oldies, of course.

Source: Instagram user jcruel [10]

Puddle Play

Evening showers couldn't stop these Bonnaroo veterans.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [11]

Fire and Ice

Ombré dreads, plugs, and a kaleidoscope sleeve of tattoos created an oasis of an urban-cool.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [12]

Festival Friendship

With stacks of woven, fringe, and beaded bracelets adorning both wrists, this reveler embodied Bonnaroo's one-love camaraderie.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [13]

We All Scream For Sunscreen

We made mom proud by lathering up every morning, afternoon, and evening.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [14]

A Face-Painting Frenzy

Leopard-print face paint covered my entire cheek — and I loved it.

Source: Instagram user mandinvilla [15]

Risqué For 'Roo

Kim Kardashian [16] worked a ubersheer top, tight white denim, and a military jacket for Kanye's performance.

Source: Instagram user kimkardashian [17]

Details, Details, Details

I tempered my leather shortalls with a printed crop top, playful arm party, and mirrored shades for day three.

Source: Instagram user mandinvilla [18]

Mirror, Mirror

This festival attendee brightened her neutral ensemble with a perfectly pink pout.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [19]

What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

When the rays were at their strongest, festivalgoers cooled down with a trip to the fountain. It's like a water park for grown-ups.

Source: Instagram user bonnaroo [20]

Hello? Is It Lionel You're Lookin' For?

Madekwe hit the main stage to catch Lionel Richie's performance on Saturday. We must note how much we loved his Sgt. Pepper jacket.

Source: Instagram user smashleybell [21]

Holler For Henna

The fairgrounds hosted a slew of activity tents including face painting, a make-your-own-flower-crown bar, and a henna station.

Source: Instagram user popsugarbeauty [22]

Boho and Beyond

Festival essentials that are fashionable and functional are the name of the game at Bonnaroo.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [23]

The Ultimate Superjam

When Janelle Monae took the stage with Skrillex, our hearts burst with happiness.

Source: Instagram user Bonnaroo [24]

Kickin' It With Kenzo

A printed Kenzo cap did double duty as a statement accessory and stylish sun protector.

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [25]

When in Nashville . . .

We ended our trip with the best BBQ in Nashville, courtesy of Edley's.

Source: Instagram user mandinvilla [26]

Bon Voyage, Bonnaroo

Until next year!

Source: Instagram user popsugarfashion [27]

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