The new issue of Marie Claire has a story about Botox parties—namely, those that happen in a hotel. Combined with spa treatments and breakfast, they offer guests a chance to enjoy luxurious surroundings while injecting their wrinkles away. "We think Botox parties might become a fun alternative to bridal showers—or maybe divorce parties," says Neil Sazant, owner of the Sagamore Hotel in South Beach, Florida. The hotel will soon offer "Botox and Lox" parties beginning at $750 per person.

Isn't it funny to think that only a decade or so ago, very few people were getting Botox? Now it's becoming so commonplace that there's a walk-in Botox clinic next to Bloomingdale's, and a Dallas clinic that's in the mall next to Sephora. What do you think about this spread of Botox availability?