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Botox and Depression

Beauty Byte: Can Botox Lead to Depression?

Injections of Botox work by slightly freezing muscles to smooth out wrinkles. The "emotionless" face that can sometimes result is often the center of many jokes. But can this emotionless face, along with creating an unpleasant blank-faced effect, actually cause depression?

Researchers in Holland wanted to find out, so they performed a study in which 30 people were presented with pictures of unsettling images. One part of the group was encouraged to show their emotions and the other part of the group was asked to keep their emotions at bay. The researchers discovered that the group who remained neutral-faced actually felt more upset in the long run. But why? Find out when you


"Suppressing negative emotions is something we do every day to be polite," research leader Dr. Judith Grub told The Sun. "However, my research shows that paralyzing muscles that help you to express emotion leads to internalizing these feelings," she added. Of course, there's the flip side. Other doctors will tell you that Botox does not create paralyzing effects in the first place. So, what do you think of this Botox and depression theory? Are the researchers onto something or is there just not enough evidence to prove their claims?


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rgrl rgrl 8 years
This study sounds like a crock of BS.
marybethsf marybethsf 8 years
people who use botox get depressed because they arent happy with themselves naturally. People get old, it is part of the natural should be embraced, not chased away
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 8 years
agree completely with bebe especially about people talking about stuff they nothing about. i also get botox and i can still make facial expressions. and it actually makes me happier cause i know that i look better and that makes me more confident!
bebe031403 bebe031403 8 years
it is annoying when people talk about stuff they know nothing about.. either from lack of experience or what not... but then again maybe its just me... for someone to not be able to move their faces or show emotions, they got a super duper dose of botox. i get botox regularly and i can still squint and frown if i want to. nor does it make me happier or sadder...
shans99 shans99 8 years
I'm inclined to agree with mleiv. As someone who's had Botox for Tourette's syndrome (commnon treatment for small movement disorders like that), I always had the sense that I could "feel" the tics, i.e. I could tell the electrical impulses were being sent, they just weren't registering on my face because the muscles were too weak. So if what's depressing is holding in one's emotions rather than the actual outwardly visible expression of them, then I'm not sure this study holds up.
Pistil Pistil 8 years
But I thought injecting poison into your face was supposed to improve your life.
shayela shayela 8 years
Botox depresses ME, and I don't even have it!
mleiv mleiv 8 years I think it is fair to point out that there is a vast difference between forcefully restricting your face muscles in an attempt to look neutral and simply not completing a negative expression because the muscles are sluggish. Also - as someone who constantly hears the distressed "what's wrong?" question every day just because I've acquired that eyebrow furrow - I find the recent studies amusing and intriguing that suggest botox treatments could make people around the patient happier as well (less negative feedback).
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Everything leads to something... :oy:
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