I mostly "know" Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh because of his line of pricey skin care, but celebrities know him as their Botox go-to guy. He was one of the first doctors to use Botox for cosmetic purposes, and now that the wrinkle-stopping injection has become more common, he has plenty to say about it in an interview with the Telegraph. I'm sure you'll have some strong opinions, as I do, after reading what he has to say.

"From the age of six or seven, I had a critical eye," he recalls. "I could see everything that was wrong in a face and wanted to improve it." These days, he sees up to 30 clients a day, and has a months-long waiting list. He thinks it's "very, very difficult" for women over 45 to stay beautiful without Botox: "It is possible, but I don't see it often."

He convinced Cindy Crawford to open up about her Botox and collagen injections, and he wishes more celebrities would do the same: "What I think is disgusting and dishonest are all those famous women who lie and say they have had nothing done. I hate it because it makes other women who haven't had work done feel desperately bad about the way they look." And yet, he's happy to make women feel bad if they choose to age naturally. "My clients will give up their latest designer dress or new shoes before me," he says. "What's the point of wearing a beautiful dress if the face looks old and ugly?"

While there's no question that women face age discrimination, isn't beauty in the eye of the beholder? The only thing that's really ugly, I'd say, is the kind of attitude that shames women for aging naturally.