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Beauty Byte: Is Botox Messing With Evolution?

Remember learning about Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection? Along with examining fossils and mockingbirds, the scientist loved to study faces. He concluded that human facial expressions were the results of muscle and brain signals instinctively reacting over years and years of evolution.

Fast forward about 150 years and I'm wondering what Darwin would think about Botox. According to an article in Discover Magazine, Bernhard Haslinger, of the Technical University of Munich, had an idea. Why not paralyze some faces and run brain scans to analyze emotional triggers? Sounds a little Twilight Zone to me. To see the results and conclusions,


Women who had received Dysport (a version of botulinum toxin, just like Botox) had "quieter" brain scans when asked to frown. Basically, the connections between their expressions and emotions were more subdued. The conclusion? It could be that people who receive injections have a bit of an artificial defense mechanism against angry emotions. Plus, is it possible that people around them are actually happier since they no longer have to suffer the wrath of angry expressions? Time will tell as more and more people receive these types of treatments, but to accurately study any sort of true evolution would take more than a few lifetimes.


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