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Braid How To: Mary-Kate Olsen's Hair

Get Mary-Kate's Casually Cool Double-Braided Look

There's no question that braids are here to stay, and at the grand opening of the Otarian Restaurant in NYC, Mary-Kate Olsen took a different approach to the look. What's so unusual about Mary-Kate's version is that from the front it looks like a casually loose side braid, but upon closer inspection, there's a twin braid behind it at the crown. It's effortlessly cool and pulled together all at the same time.

Get tips on re-creating this double-the-fun bohemian style when you read more.

  1. Product: Apply a texturizing product like Aquage Sea Salt Texture Spray ($16) to give the hair a matte look and to make your strands easier to maneuver. If extra wave is needed, lightly wrap random sections of hair around a curling iron, leaving some pieces out for a subtle wave all over.
  2. Braiding the front: Part the fringe area away from the rest of the hair by creating a horizontal part. (Don't worry about creating perfectly straight lines, as the whole point is to achieve a slightly unkempt look.) Start braiding at the lower right side near the ear. Incorporate hair from the hairline area into the braid by loosely French braiding over to the right temple, following the shape of the head as you go. Secure with a clear elastic and pin down.
  3. Braiding the crown: Now do the same thing from step two, except start braiding at the right side of your ear (the area directly behind where you pinned down braid number one). Braid back toward the crown, stopping just a little bit behind the base of your first braid. Secure with a clear elastic, and you're all set to sport this breezy style.
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