Serge Lutens, 65, former French stylist, make-up artist, photographer, perfumer, coiffeur and costumier has come out with a makeup line called Serge Lutens Cosmetics.

His long and interesting early career as a beauty stylist and makeup artist for high fashion magazine shoots led him to a 12 year stint at Dior where he was asked to create a high end makeup line. His bold color choices really put him on the map as a risk taker - a very successful one!

His next venture was 27 years ago in 1980, when he became Image Director at Shiseido. There, he has developed their cosmetics and fragrance lines. Serge Lutens Cosmetics is only available in the US at Barneys (so far).

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His line is compact and is comprised of: two pressed powders, eight foundations, one blusher, a finishing powder, one mascara, eye shadow, one kohl eyeliner, six lipsticks, make-up remover pads and an eyebrow palette. The makeup is made of Shiseido's nano-dispersion technology that gives even and light coverage to your skin.

The luxurious black lacquer and mirrored packaging is intended for an upscale client. Each item is sold in a silk-lined box and there is no advertising behind this brand. Prices range from $50, for a mascara , to $160, for a finishing powder compact. The beauty of the line is the items are refillable and the refills are less expensive. Read more about new makeup alerts here.