If you've been wondering what Brandy's up to since Dancing With the Stars ended, now you've got your answer. Ms. Norwood's been getting inked, specifically with a large line drawing of Ganesha, the elephant-headed deva of intellect and wisdom. She recently tweeted a picture of her ink, as well as a shot of herself with her tattoo artist. The Ganesha is very pretty, but when Brandy got it, she also tweeted that the Lord of Beginnings is an "Egyptian god! Remover of all obstacles." Given the fact that Ganesha is probably the best-loved god from one of the world's major religions, getting his pantheon of origin wrong suggests that Brandy may not know him well. In cases like these, do you think it's appropriate for non-Hindus to wear the religion's gods as ink? Or is it just a cool tattoo?