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Brazilian Hair Straightening review

Bella's BFF on Brazilian Hair Straightening

Longtime readers will remember a post about Brazilian hair straightening. The technique relaxes hair by using a protein-filled solution on hair, then applying a hot iron to it. It's a little controversial, though, because the solution includes formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Since I'm a hypochondriac, I run when I see the word "carcinogen," but that hasn't stopped the procedure from becoming popular.

As it turns out, my BFF Jen went in for Brazilian straightening this weekend. Naturally, I bombarded her with questions over instant messaging to get the scoop. Overall, she's still deciding whether it was a success. If you're thinking of having this treatment and want to get some unbiased opinions from someone who's just had it done,


Rather than bore you with the details of our IM conversation, I've created a guide that I like to call Jen and the Art of Brazilian Hair Straightening Maintenance. Here are her thoughts.

On the smell:
I stink.

On the scariest part of the procedure:
The "baking into my hair" part where there was actually poofs of smoke coming from the straightening iron she used? uhhhhh. . . I was freaked.

On her hair now:
My hair is in very good condition . . . odd. It's more shiny than before I had it done, which is kind of blowing my mind considering that my head was *smoking*. And my hair is about 2 inches longer. Genius.

On maintenance:
You can't wash your hair for four days, and you have to use a shampoo without sodium chloride. The stylist gave me samples for some shampoo called Aqualage, I believe. I doesn't contain the sodium chloride. Also, no ponytails, barrettes, anything for four days; that will cause a wave.

Would Jen recommend it?
I think it's a good alternative to the thermal, price-wise. [Jen paid $200.] Do I prefer it over Japanese straightening? We'll see once I'm able to wash it. It's not as fried, which is good.

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