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Bridezilla Horror Stories

6 Stories of Bridezillas Gone Wild

We sounded the call for your tales of beauty bridezillas, and you answered. Here, six stories of brides whose behavior turned a bit monstrous. Have a horror story of your own? Send it to (Anonymity guaranteed.)

Color coordinated
A friend of mine was obsessed with getting her wedding featured on a popular wedding blog. Every detail was meticulously planned, and everything had to be exactly how she wanted it. Lots of brides choose color palettes, but she sent out the precise Pantone colors of the bridesmaids' dresses — along with suggested complementary colors for our jewelry and lipstick. A little picky, but not a big deal for the wedding party, right? But then she advised guests on what to wear, sending out a PDF with color combinations and her preferred fabrics. In the end, the wedding blog published her photos, but she developed a new reputation among friends as Mrs. Control Freak. More bridezilla stories this way.

Blond redhead
I'm a brunette; the other bridesmaids were blondes. The bride got it in her head that it would be "weird" (her words) if I stood out from the rest because of my dark hair. She offered to pay for me to go blond for her wedding, and when I said I'd prefer not to, she said, "Well, you can color it back to brown after the wedding." I asked her if she would be willing to color her red hair blond, and the response was priceless: "Well, no, because I'm the bride." In the end, we agreed that it would be best if I attend the wedding as a guest, not part of the wedding party. And I did so as a brunette.

Hands off
My cousin got married last summer, and she had decided that everyone had to have the same baby blue nail polish for their manicures. A bit particular, but not a big deal. That is, until one of the bridesmaids showed up without her nails done, and the bride flipped out. The wailing involved a lot of "How could you do this to me? The pictures will be ruined," that sort of thing. Nobody had a bottle of the polish with them, so my cousin expected the poor bridesmaid to go to the drugstore to buy one — an hour before the wedding was supposed to begin. Faced with that time crunch, the bridesmaid suggested that she might be more useful if she could help the bride get ready. Furious, the bride instructed the photographer to not take any pictures that showed the bridesmaid. You can guess how much longer that friendship lasted.

I knew a bride who wanted everyone in the wedding party to fork over $200 for hair and makeup done by a professional staff. One of the bridesmaids was probably worse than the bride — she had short hair, so she brought her extensions to match everyone else's long hair. Each extension had a length number, and she had this whole system to organize them. Then the bridesmaid had to ask the makeup artists to redo areas of her makeup she didn't like. After her third interruption, the makeup artist basically told her she had to shut up and make do, since there was still a handful of bridesmaids that needed their makeup done.

Rhinestone cowgirl
A really good friend originally asked me to do her wedding makeup and hair. I was more than happy to agree to do it for free and pay for my own flight to her perfect island wedding. The problem? She had a trashy idea of how her hair should look. I showed her dozens of gorgeous updos, but what did she want? A big poufy bun smothered in rhinestones. She ended up yelling, "It's my hair and wedding! I'll do what I want!" I was then uninvited and fired from her wedding.

Spa surprise
My engaged friend didn't seem like a bridezilla at first. Her requests of bridesmaids were reasonable, and she always thanked us for helping her out. "I really want to do something special for all of you," she kept saying. So she booked all of us an afternoon at a swanky spa — facials, massages, pedicures, and champagne. It was so nice to unwind and be pampered with each other. Then it came time to check out. We bridesmaids had (perhaps naively) assumed that "doing something special" for us meant that she was picking up the tab. Nope. Each of us had to drop a few hundred dollars on the day. I felt extremely awkward and incredibly broke.

Source: Flickr user Cheriejoyful. The model depicted is for illustration purposes only. She is not a bridezilla, nor is she mentioned in any of these stories.

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