Welcome back to the second installment of Bring on the Bling. (Be sure to check out yesterday's post, Part I: Diamonds.) This series proves that nothing is too precious to put on our skin — literally. Today's featured products are infused with crushed pearls, which are believed to contain high concentrations of minerals and amino acids essential to healthy skin cells. I have yet to try these products, but if you have, please share your thoughts below.

Carita Pearl of Youth for Lips ($67) is an anti-aging lip treatment that helps to repair and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on and around the mouth. It contains peptides that make lips look full and moisturized, as well as pearl powder to nourish the skin. Apply in the morning and evening to a perfectly clean pout.

For two more pearl-infused products,

Charles Worthington Dream Lustrous Locks Moisturizing Shampoo ($7) is a glossing shampoo created from pearl and silk extracts to add luster to dull hair. Not only does it pamper your senses with its unique fragrance, but it will also help moisturize and hydrate dry, lifeless hair. Available at Rite Aid stores nationwide.

Jenju Pearl Cream ($28) is a face cream fit for aristocrats. The Chinese royal court has been using crushed freshwater pearls as an age-fighting secret formula for centuries. The airy cream leaves a pearlescent glow on your skin and helps revive dull and dry cells.