Don't call it a comeback: Fresh on the heels of the launch of Britney Spears' Believe fragrance comes word of yet another—Hidden Fantasy, which will be in stores in January. According to the perfumer, Rodrigo Flores-Roux, “The original inspiration for this fragrance comes from Britney’s love for white florals, vanilla, and luscious desserts. Drawing from a cherished memory of my own, I built this fragrance with a heart of sensual jasmine and sweet Napolitano cake.”

Indeed, Hidden Fantasy ($55 for 3.3 oz) is a very saccharine scent, with discernible notes of Mexican vanilla bean, orange and clove. If you like the singer's other fragrances, you'll probably appreciate that it smells a little more grown-up than her previous scents. Which is not to say it's sophisticated by any means, but a true Britney fan will not be disappointed.