Hello, world. It's me, clumsy Bella. Try as I might, I've got some broken beauty disasters in my makeup bag. Take my adored Lorac Bronzer. It's so well-loved that it has spread the love around . . . in the form of countless little pieces. Since I'm still holding on to it, I got a crafty idea when Spring-cleaning my supply. I grabbed that bronzer and a bottle of nail polish. What did I mix up when I sat down? Find out when you


  1. I started out with a sheet of white paper on a clean, flat surface and tipped out a couple chunks of broken bronzer.
  2. Since I like glittery polish, but hate the bumps, I folded the paper and flattened out all the clumps.
  3. I made an impromptu funnel out of the paper, added the powder to my polish and shook it all up.
  4. Voilà! My nails get a brand new coat and my old polish is back in shimmery business.

Now that I've completed my trial run, next time I'd choose a lighter polish and maybe mix it up with some of my broken eyeshadow. Three words of caution: Less is more. I went a lil overboard this go-round and ended up with a couple chunks at the bottom. Sprinkle in small increments for the perfect combination.