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Bun Drop Videos From Instagram

"Bun Dropping" Was the Most Mesmerizing Hair Trend of 2016

Bun Drop Videos From Instagram

We've always envied women who have the ability to grow their hair to seemingly impossible lengths without sacrificing its health, shine, or density. It seems like we're not the only ones. These fortunate women have been catering to legions of fans, showcasing their thick, glossy manes with oddly sexy "bun drop" videos.

The concept is simple: the star of the video is filmed from the back. You see them holding their hair, which has been twisted up into a haphazard chignon. Then, they let go of their updo. In slow motion, we see the coiled bun unfurl, cascading down the model's back until the hair is completely loose and free.

Sometimes the movies are set to music (so the bass drops when the bun does), sometimes not, but no matter what, they're always completely mesmerizing. See for yourself.

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