Jason Wu and CND have come out with a color collection full of subtle delights, including a shade in his signature gray, Miss Wu, and a delectable red the hue of Bing cherries called Veronica (above). But the most exciting shade in the collection isn't a color at all; it's a new special effect polish. The effect, called Anna (also pictured), is supposed to mimic the appearance of tweed wool. It's a cool idea, but does the reality match the ambition of the concept? I got to try it out before the collection's May 1 debut, so to see the tweed effect in action, just keep reading.

I used two coats of the red, Veronica, and then put on a healthy helping of Anna, the tweed effect. The result is a subtly textured finish that I think comes from tiny pieces of fiber in the polish itself. It's a lot less wild than I'd anticipated, but I did like that it made my nails look even more like the skin of a cherry. I really like the idea here, and it's definitely a unique effect, but I don't know that I'd put up $47 for the collection just for the effect alone. Veronica and Miss Wu, however, make it well worth the money.