If you notice construction going on at your local CVS in the near future, it might be more than just a pharmacy drive-thru remodel. You probably shop at CVS for wide variety of inexpensive beauty delights — but soon, you'll be able to pop in for fancy items as well.

White-tiled flooring, brushed steel fixtures, seafoam green walls at CVS? Yep — according to WWD, the drugstore chain is ready to unveil Sephora-sized, high-end beauty emporiums called Beauty 360. The first concept store is set to open by year's end in a major city on the East Coast. You won't have to go searching far, as Beauty 360 stores will pop up in adjacent areas to CVS's pre-existing locations or in a separate store within CVS.

Although the exact brands to be carried at this high-end store remain a mystery, “department store or specialty store brands" will be available. There's also talk of including "express services" like massages and manicures. Since subsequent plans include opening 500-1000 Beauty 360s and the majority of women live within 5 miles of a CVS, I'm sure you'll be moving on up yourself very soon.