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Beauty Byte: America's Next Top Model Spin-off

Spin-offs — they're like a show within a show, involving familiar characters for which we've grown to adore. Since it worked like a charm for popular shows such as Melrose Place, a spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210, and Laverne & Shirley, an offshoot of Happy Days, will it now fly for America's Next Top Model?

We're about to find out. According to Reuters, CW has plans to spin off its most successful show in a new makeover series tentatively called Operation Fabulous. Featuring ANTM staples Jay Manuel and Miss J. Alexander, the duo will hit the road, seeking out those in need of makeovers.

Born out of the enormous success of the highly anticipated ANTM model makeover segment each season, "Jay and J" will choose five participants from selected towns, giving them fierce transformations, no doubt.

So, will you watch yet another makeover-style show or will this version become a spin-off dud, à la Joanie Loves Chachi, the not-so-successful other spin-off of Happy Days?


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Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
I see that Jay Manuel actually does do work on the show and does in fact help the girls with the photoshoots, but Alexander Jenkins doesnt do anything but wear something stupid and act like an idiot with Tyra. Reason I only watch the photoshoot and the elimination. I will not be tuning into this show.
ranksubjugation ranksubjugation 8 years
For those of us who refuse to pay for TV in any way, I love that a makeover show is coming to a network station!!
pixelhaze pixelhaze 8 years
I like the makeover eps but I don't think they necessarily give great makeovers. It seems like mostly they just do the most dramatic change possible to get a reaction, and it's not always an improvement (or even looks good). I'm good with Tim Gunn's guide to style, thanks :)
lolalu lolalu 8 years
I would actually watch this show. I love the makeover eps, in fact those are the only ANTM eps like. I don't think these two are ego maniacs either. I mean have you heard of Tyra Banks? I rest my case ;)
Cris1192 Cris1192 8 years
I love the drama that the make-overs in ANTM bring, but I wouldn't watch a show with just those 2 guys and a random stranger who gets his/her self image damaged and his/her selfesteem destroyed
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
great, just what we need - two more ego-maniacs telling people they're not good enough...
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
I don't watch ANTM but I saw Jay Manuel on Regis and Kelly one morning and he is a cutie patootie!
MissyB1984 MissyB1984 8 years
These clowns are a HUGE part of the reason I stopped watching ANTM, their egos are out of control and neither of them is "fabulous" AT ALL.
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 8 years
I can't wait watch! I love mr. & ms. jay! :P
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