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Caffeinated Body Wash and Shampoo Now Exist

Caffeinated Body Wash: For When Waking Up Is Impossible

Incapable of dragging yourself to the shower in the morning? Then why not make it an energizing, physically addictive experience with this Mountain Dew Caffeinated Shampoo and Body Wash ($16)? Once you become dependent, you'll have to shower (maybe several times) just to feel alive. One 20 ounce bottle has about 530 mg of caffeine in it, which breaks down to about a cup of tea's worth per usage — although it's not clear just how much actually gets absorbed.

On the pro side, if it works, all that transdermal caffeine will definitely hit your bloodstream faster than coffee. Plus, it's a diuretic, so it probably does something for cellulite in the short term. What do you think? Would you be curious to replace your morning chai with this stuff, or do you love showering too much as it is?

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