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You might enjoy a cup of morning joe to help wake you up at the beginning of the day, but did you know that caffeine also has some beauty benefits, too? A stimulant, caffeine can help wake up skin by increasing circulation. It tones, smooths, and draws out impurities, too. Now that you know this tidbit of information, it probably makes more sense why this potent ingredient is often found in anticellulite creams, eh? Research also suggests that caffeine, taken both orally and topically, may provide anticarcinogenic properties.

Why all the talk about this pick-me-up (and legal) drug? March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. Woo hoo. So, I'll leave the fancy coffee drink recipes to Yum, but for your beauty fix, I've got the buzz on products inspired by or manufactured with caffeine. Check out my widget below: