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Can You Be Too Old For Lip Gloss?

Is There a "Too Old" For Lip Gloss?

After being given a Juicy Tube by the people at the Lancome counter recently, my mother called me to ask if, all the way across the country, I wanted her to send it to me. "I'm too old for lip gloss," she said. I assured her that lip hydration did not have an age limit, but she refused to believe me, and several days later I received an extremely small FedEx package full of Juice. I know my mom is of a different generation, one that wore lip balms and lipsticks instead of gloss. But do you think women who came along after the invention of the now-ubiquitous goo will, as they age, get too old for lip gloss? I can't imagine giving the stuff up now, but maybe in 15 years I'll feel differently. What do you think? Does glossage have an expiration date?

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