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Cancer Patients Can Look Good, Feel Better

Cancer treatments are often accompanied by unpleasant changes in hair, nails, and/or skin, and that's why over the past 20 years, Look Good . . . Feel Better has been there to provide support. The organization, which also offers special programs for teenagers and men, focuses on providing free customized beauty workshops led by cosmetologists and volunteers. The idea is to help people maintain their self-esteem while battling the disease, giving them a chance to be pampered during a difficult time.

In the two-hour group classes, which take place at hospitals, treatment centers, and other community locales across the country, participants are taught makeup, skin care, nail care, and hairstyling techniques. Bonus: Those in attendance leave with a complimentary cosmetic kit customized for skin tone. But, if a patient is unable to make it, no worries. The website is loaded with an abundance of information, including step-by-step guides, videos, and a hotline.


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mechelle003 mechelle003 7 years
this is an excellent article. I do makeup for chemo patients and it is a blessing for me as well.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Keeping my fingers crossed for you, LOVErickii. I'm glad the program was helpful and I hope you are indeed cancer-free!
LOVErickii LOVErickii 7 years
I participated in this as a patient & all the women were so lovely and accommodating and they did warn us when looking at products that some of possible reactions to certain cosmetics & gave us a few cosmetics which were suitable or what ingredients to look out for... In the next week I'll find out if I'm cancer free & the first thing I'll be doing is volunteering for LGFB so I can give back just a little bit of the kindness that was given to me (:
jherricks jherricks 7 years
I have been to one of these seminars. It was a very nice experience. There was alot of helpful info on skin care and hair care. I would definitely suggest this to any cancer patient.
Sunbelle098 Sunbelle098 7 years
Radar- if you go to Sephora's website, there is a section for natural and organic products. Carol's Daughter, Sabon, Kiehls, and Tom's of Maine might be good bets, too. This is a fantastic post, Bella- as a former radiology volunteer, I can totally see the difference in mood when patients maintain their femininity and style.
mypinkrainbow mypinkrainbow 7 years
i have battled breast cabcer twice,, and going on thrice, this program is very appreciated, we need to get more beauty companies to donate makeup and wigs as the stuff that is usually given is not current and out dated, I volunteer even though i am fighting , because i am a photographer . makeup artist and it actually makes me feel better to work with a lady and transform her and make her feel better about herself, being bald is the pits and your skin is never the same again after chemo and radiation, i struggle with the skin thing as it gets paper thin and you have to be careful to not injure your face as it takes forever to heal, if any one has makeup that is not too used , i can accept donations for my group here in cleveland ohio , as funding sucks and the cosmetic companys are not giving us any to run the work shops , wigs also , they are desperatly needed all makes and models, have a great day all
Meilily Meilily 7 years
Thanks for the post- I also just signed up to volunteer!
reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
this sounds like a great workshop!
radar626 radar626 8 years
I wish something like this were offered in the area that I live in. A friend of mine is finishing up her radiation treatment for breast cancer at 37. She too has a hard time with make-up that has a lot of additives. We do have an Aveda salon in the area. I wonder if their makeup is natural enough? Does anybody know? Or would mineral makeup be a better bet? I would love to get her a spa treatment, but want to make sure it will help, not harm.
MadeleineV MadeleineV 8 years
wonderful program. just wished they would warn women of the toxicity of some skin care, particularly the ones with parabens and Fragrance. As a cancer survivor I only use organic skin care.
Ellietalk Ellietalk 8 years
Thanks for posting this. I've been on chemo on and off for ten years and I have found that even if i feel terrible, as long as im put together and look the best i can, it usually cheers me up a lot. ive never heard of this program before, but actually had talked with a few of my friends to create something like this as we have been through rough times. i can't wait to learn more about the program! thanks again for posting this!!!
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
My mom & my best friend's mom were both undergoing treatments for breast cancer at the same time. They talked about going to one of these seminars to cheer themselves up, although I'm not sure if they ever followed through. Such a great service.
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Awesome news!!
bellaressa bellaressa 8 years
Thanks for this post Bella, I just signed up to become a volunteer.
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