For times when the sultry bedhead hairstyle or tousled beach waves aren't what you're going after, why not play up the sexy side of curls with something a bit more mellow? You can still rock a come-hither look, without going the route of the old-timey roller set-style, either. At Milan Fashion Week, Hilary Swank looked stunning with waved hair that avoided being too prim and proper. What I like most about her loose, softly rolled curls is that they're not perfectly pouffed, but they still have that sensuous factor without being too in-your-face sexpot. This is a look I do about once or twice a week when I've got about five extra minutes in the morning, and by nighttime, it's perfectly tousled for cocktail hour. To find out some tips on how I do it, just keep reading.

  • Work a non-crunchy sculpting gel into damp hair, like Garnier Fructis Style Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel ($4.30). Blow-dry, focusing on lifting the roots for volume.
  • Using a medium- to large-barreled curling iron, depending on the length of your hair, wrap about one-inch strands around the entire length of the heating element. Keep the iron vertical to create the cascading effect, curling sections away from your face. For a more interesting look, leave small sections uncurled, and twist other sections a few times before placing into the curling iron.
  • To keep your curls in place and to give a swept-away effect, take two strands of hair from the front and lightly twist them together. Repeat on both sides. If you have bangs, pin them back loosely, hiding the bobby pin under a curl.
  • Lightly rake over the curls with your fingers to break up any curls that look too "perfect." Spritz with a volume-enhancing hairspray, like Bigsexyhair Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray($17).