In a between-seasons month like February, when we're sandwiched between January's bold, dark colors and March's sheer, sweet shades, it's good to find a color or two that can play on both sides nicely. And as Rachel Bilson's pretty eye makeup at the premiere of her movie Waiting For Forever last night shows, caramel is a really smart, flattering option. To see three good reasons why caramel is perfect for the transition, just keep reading.

  • It's not too opaque: Because of its semi-sheerness, caramel straddles the opacity of Winter color and the total sheerness of Spring.
  • It looks natural: It looks soft and sweet when it's cold outside and a little edgy when paired with warm-weather shades.
  • It's neutral: Brownish shades tend to be more season-neutral than others. When we talk about other colors like blue, for example, people usually view navy as for cool weather, while something like azure is a warm-weather shade. With brown shades, you get a lot more leeway.

Want a caramel shadow recommendation? Just tell me about your undertones and what you're looking for in the comments, and I'll try and find a shade you'll like.