This October, Carol's Daughter is launching a new bath collection to celebrate Disney's next big release, The Princess and the Frog. The film, due in December, has raised both excitement and WWD, she says the film is “an event with significant social importance. I’m thrilled and proud that African-American girls everywhere will see the movie and see someone to identify with.” The Carol's Daughter bubble bath, detangler, shampoo, and conditioner celebrate the new princess, Tiana, by featuring moments from the film on their packaging. Like other products from the line, these will include ingredients aimed at pampering African-American hair in particular, although they're said to be suitable for everyone. Each item in the collection is nicely priced at $10. Although I'm not sure what to expect of the movie yet, I do love Carol's Daughter — the products are inexpensive and the ingredients are sure to be high quality, so I might check these out.