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Notice Olay is teaming up with one of this year’s favorite celebs? International superstar Carrie Underwood is the new, fresh face of Olay, and boy are we jealous of her clean, nourished, and beautiful skin! Olay knows that it feels good to switch things up, which is why it's put a fresh, new face on its cleansing line. It’s the same incredible formula we love, with products that remove 2X more dirt and makeup.*

Even if you’re not on the stage night after night like the gorgeous starlet, we all want something that will leave our skin feeling ultraclean and rejuvenated! Check out the video below to get a feel for what Olay loves so much about Carrie, and why she’s decided to team up with it as her trusted skin care partner!

*Based on removal of waterproof makeup vs. the leading beauty bar.