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Catherine Zeta Jones Photoshop Job

What's Wrong With Catherine Zeta-Jones? Nothing

It's no surprise that the Internet can bring out the worst in people, but a British tabloid has decided to take cruelty to a new level.The Daily Mail has accused Catherine Zeta-Jones of looking "attention-grabbing for all the wrong reasons" and having "dull, lifeless skin with open pores and blemishes" at a recent event. If they think she looks bad here, though, I'd hate to think what they'd say if they saw my skin. Plus, criticizing a 40-year-old working mother because she doesn't shine like plastic seems more than unfair. We all age, and our bodies all change — it's as simple as that.

Also, the picture accompanying the article looks a little off to me. The photo shown here was taken at the same event and looks pretty different to me, especially around the eyes. I really dislike it when people pick terrible photos of celebrities to illustrate a "point," but it almost seems as if some alteration was done here to make Catherine look bad. Whether that happened or not, there's no way to know — but the whole thing seems a lot uglier than a few alleged wrinkles could ever be.

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