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CelebStyle Giveaway: Win The L Word Look

With the series finale this Sunday, we're getting ready to say goodbye to the lovely ladies of The L Word. After six dynamic seasons, the characters have gone through so many ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant: their amazing clothes. Sexy, daring, and always fashionable. To celebrate the ladies' amazing wardrobes, we're giving away some of the actual clothes from The L Word!

From now until Sunday, March 15, you can enter to win one of four dresses worn by one of your favorite actresses from The L Word. There's a gorgeous Gucci number worn by Marlee Matlin, a strapless Dolce and Gabbana dress seen on Malaya Rivera Drew, a Tory Burch sequined dress that shimmered on Pam Grier, and a Paul Smith swing dress, which Leisha Hailey wore. To enter, all you have to do is log in to TeamSugar (if you're not a member, register now) and add a look of your own to any post on CelebStyle (see how after the jump). You'll be entered for every look you create, so there are plenty of chances to win! Be creative and check out the official rules here.

To learn how to add a look,


  1. Click into any story ("look") on
  2. Once there, under the picture, you'll find a series of tags and several ways to play: You can comment, send an email, become a fan of the look ("love this"), or add a look of your own. Click either "add a look" link to get started.
  3. On the next screen you'll be prompted to create a look. First, click on the "add image" button.
  4. Now a new window will pop up. Leave the tab in "Search ShopStyle" and type in a product description for the item you're looking for (e.g. if you're looking for a black turtleneck, type in "black turtleneck.").
  5. Once you've found the perfect item, click on the product and it will show up on your look page.
  6. Repeat for every item that you'd like to include in your look.
  7. When you're done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "save look." Your look will now show up with the editor's look on the CelebStyle story (and you'll be entered into the contest!).

Photo courtesy of Showtime

mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
Did anyone win this?
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
Were the winners already selected?
triedbuttrue triedbuttrue 8 years
Able auctions here in Vancouver auctioned off all the set items and clothing on March I now have 7 racks of amazing clothes and shoes ...not sure if I can say where I am listing them but many are already listed and on auction and of course tons of clothes still to be listed ..its the largest auction site and looking for L word clothing will get you there..same seller name as here....cheers
natscats natscats 8 years
Can anyone tell me who designed Kit Porter's black with purple, one-shoulder dress in the last episode?
CharlieRose CharlieRose 8 years
Shane and Carmen where always my favorite
tru2bme tru2bme 8 years
Shane and Bette are my favorite characters. Bette is sophisticated and sexy. Shane is free, sexy, and I love her style. I will miss the show.
monijazz monijazz 8 years
Shane's look rocks!!!!
DarkLi DarkLi 8 years
I'm never going to win this contest so as much as I have fun creating looks, I'm still going to get back to making my own dresses! I'm working on a 50's inspired design at the moment, and next as I really like this swing dress (Alice's) that one of you is going to win, well I'll try to make my own (better chance it will fit!). Btw, Leisha would wear a handband perfectly with this dress, even with a little flower on the side! Good luck to you all!
starlong starlong 8 years
I loce shane to if she was really liz i would so want here to be mine.
dalipr20 dalipr20 8 years
alliegirl72907 alliegirl72907 8 years
Would love to win one of Bette's outfits; am tall and thin, just not as pretty!
alliegirl72907 alliegirl72907 8 years
Have followed the L Word every season, every night it's on! Fabulous story line, spectacular characters, wonderful series! Can't wait for season 6 to come out on DVD. Have all 5 of previous series. Can't believe it's not going to continue. Will miss it tremendously!
banquetbabe banquetbabe 8 years
my sister would love this prize
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
Omg I had a dream last night that I won one. Hahaha. I'm going to enter for sure.
nicname nicname 8 years
My god i will miss this show so SO much. My favorite is Bette though. Alice is a close second.
belladande belladande 8 years
I like Alice's clothes so winning her dress would be great. But I'm too lazy to enter this contest.
bastylefilegirl bastylefilegirl 8 years
This is one of my favorite shows too, but this season is REALLLLY bad making it less hard to see it go.
hotnspicy hotnspicy 8 years
I hate that this series is ending, I've loved all of them. I'm ready for Jenny to die after this season though, she's great at making us hate her. I love Alice's style and personality the best, but Shane is def. my girl crush
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 8 years
oh man, she's everyone's favorite. OMG SO HOT.
VioletWorld VioletWorld 8 years
I can't believe the grrls are going off the air. I love them - my fav is Shane!
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