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For These Stars, Chipped Nails Are No Big Deal

Jun 16 2011 - 2:18pm

While most of us are usually trying to disguise and prevent chipped nail polish [1], sometimes it's the imperfect looks that make more of a statement. Recently, Tyra Banks was spotted wearing a trendy orange manicure that, upon further inspection, was less than flawless. It's no big deal at all, really, and here are a few other stars who have said "no worries" to less-than-perfect polish.

Cameron Diaz, 2003

Cameron Diaz [2] accentuated her chipped red polish with a satiny white clutch and statement bracelet at the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle premiere back in 2003.

Christina Applegate, 2004

Christina Applegate [3] showed off a big sparkler, along with a trio of chipped nails, at a Park City party in 2004.

Paris Hilton, 2005

Speaking of big sparklers . . . the great thing about beige-pink nail polish is that when it chips, it's hardly noticeable, as evidenced by Paris Hilton [4]'s 2005 manicure.

Brittany Snow, 2005

Brittany Snow [5] didn't let a few chips prevent her from showing off her wine-colored nail polish at a GQ magazine event.

Shakira, 2005

While visiting MuchMusic's studios in 2005, Shakira [6]'s barely there crimson polish looked casually cool against chunky metallic bracelets and a traditional diamond ring.

Ashlee Simpson, 2006

Ashlee Simpson [7]'s fragmented black polish was the perfect complement to her skull-patterned Alexander McQueen scarf.

Jessica Simpson, 2006

Later that year, sister Jessica Simpson [8] did her own version of a dark, chipped nail polish look.

Audrina Patridge, 2008

While she might have skipped polishing a few spots, Audrina Patridge [9] didn't skip a beat on looking edgy at a 2008 event.

Drew Barrymore, 2011

Earlier this year, Drew Barrymore [10] flashed a flirtatious smile and chiseled-away nails while watching a basketball game with her boyfriend.

Tyra Banks, 2011

Last week, Tyra Banks [11] proved that even if a manicure may be past its expiration date, when done in a fun, bright shade like tangerine, it can still look trendy.

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