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Celebrities' Natural Hair Colors 2009-11-18 07:00:23

Can You Guess Her Natural Hair Color?

Hair color is a celebrity's best friend. Along with makeup, it's one of the simplest ways to transform a look. But when it comes to Hollywood hair, do you know what your favorite stars really have going on under all that hair color and/or bleach? You're about to find out.

Can You Guess Her Natural Hair Color?

What's Scarlett Johansson's natural color?

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curLRocker curLRocker 7 years
i can't even imagine the leighton is a natural blonde.. the brown hair is gorgeous on her and that short blonde stint she went through for a movie had everyone cringing!
otay otay 7 years
I got zero questions right! :( sad day for me! haha o well, some of the answers really shocked me, Dita Von Teese blond?! crazy! ps. I just barely started bloggin', check it out, if yah wanna! I only have one post so far, but alot are commin your way, hopefully soon! :) :
bluedragon14082 bluedragon14082 7 years
i cant believe how many were blondes either!
Cherlene Cherlene 7 years
Hilarious! Celebrity obsession.
fashionplate525 fashionplate525 7 years
I would be curious to see Dita as a blonde...
limelindsey limelindsey 7 years
The only one I knew for sure was Amy Adams...her first movie is one of my favorites - "Drop Dead Gorgeous" - and she's blonde in it. Good quiz!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
instantkarma - I ran into this problem. I had natural platinum blonde hair for many years. In my early teens, the roots became very dark ashy blonde and it did not compliment my skin tone at all - people always thought I was sick and would ask how I was feeling. So I started dying it warm reds/browns. When I look at my roots - I consider them a light ashy brown, but every hair stylist I have ever talked with says they are most definitely an ashy blonde. Dark ash blonde can be a lot darker than what most people would think was still considered a blonde. Walk the hair color aisle at a drug store and look at the dark ash blonde colors. If you're someone who has a warm skin tone (like me, I have yellow undertones), ash blonde (a cool color) is a kiss of death for your complexion!
instantkarmalr instantkarmalr 7 years
iknowitall -- I completely agree about Leighton looking dramatically better as a brunette. I wonder if she's one of those people who claims to be "blonde," but isn't actually. My hair used to be dark reddish/golden blonde, but then when I moved to a less sunny place -- and now that, thanks to my job, I probably spend 10 minutes a week outside during daylight hours -- my hair crossed into light brunette/auburn territory. It took me a while to stop referring to myself as blonde. It was completely out of habit; the mental image I had of my hair color was no longer accurate, but it had not yet registered with me. The transition was pretty amusing, though -- for a good year or two, I was a blonde, a brunette AND a redhead depending on who you asked. Also, it could be that her concept of "blonde" happens to be really dark, or that she claims to be blonde rather than a light brunette because she thinks it's "cool" or something. Of course, it's entirely possible that she is genuinely blonde, but that would be really strange. Blonde hair is really unflattering to her skin tone, and I have never seen someone who looks so bad (okay, bad for Leighton is still pretty good) with her natural hair color.
cherrypop cherrypop 7 years
2/6. didn't know so many of them were previously blond.
CashBunny CashBunny 7 years
Blondes always go red it seems.
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 7 years
I forgot to sign in, but the last comment was me. :)
Daniela-Ramirez Daniela-Ramirez 7 years
Many surprised me!
iknowitall iknowitall 7 years
Oh, Ciris, I just read your post- I agree. Leighton's natural blonde isn't very blonde at all.
iknowitall iknowitall 7 years
4/6. Leighton is always talking about her hair being naturally blonde, but I've seen it blonde before- and it doesn't look great. Brunette works much better for her. I didn't know that about Amy- I love her hair color, and that makes me sad. I hope our beloved Isla is naturally red.
Ciris Ciris 7 years
I wish there pictures of the natural color included for this quiz's results because first of all I'd be interested in seeing them but also to get a reference for subjective color descriptions. I've seen pictures of Leighton before GG and I'd say blonde is a stretch, in my opinion it's light brunette like the shade when she lightened it this summer.
yeahbaby yeahbaby 7 years
i sucked 2/6 i though amy adam's hair was red too
franceslopez franceslopez 7 years
I wish more celebs would try out red hair, I think it's so unusual and distinctive. I just moved to the UK from Asia, and I'm really surprised at the attitude to red hair here. I think it's gorgeous!
genesisrocks genesisrocks 7 years
I knew Leighton and Amy before hand, otherwise I would have never gotten those two. Whoever dyes their hair is a genuis- same for Christina and Dita. We never ever even see their roots!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
The biggest surprise for me was Dita Von Teese - that's quite a dramatic change - Blonde to Black!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
I was also surprised by the amount of blondes that switch it up.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Most blondes do not keep their natural blonde color. I would hazard a guess that most of these celebs with natural blonde hair are ash blondes which tends to look dirty or gray at the roots and does not photograph well, especially under fluorescent lighting. I'm a natural medium ash blonde and my mom had me start coloring my hair when I was in middle school. So maybe we do experiment with color earlier than others?
amybdk amybdk 7 years
Wow. I didn't get a single one correct!
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