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Celebrity Beauty Quotes 2009-02-20 09:00:11

Can You Guess the Celebrity Beauty Quote?

Who doesn't love a little beauty quote every now and then, whether it's a little motherly advice or DIY solution from a famous actress? Recently, I did ask my mom about her favorite beauty tips. She responded, "I find it's helpful to smile a lot. People will always say how nice you look." Aw, very sweet. Longing for more beauty quotes? Take my quiz below to see what you might know, or can guess, about celebrity beauty.


Can You Guess the Celebrity Beauty Quote?

Who said, "It was great having red hair as a kid because I had something to blame my temper on."?

Join The Conversation
vanityx0kills vanityx0kills 7 years
5/5! (:
Sofia-Soubrette Sofia-Soubrette 8 years
xopiperxo xopiperxo 8 years
dnye dnye 8 years
3/5 i don't think you can technically call lauren conrad an actress.
soapbox soapbox 8 years
4/5 Pure luck haha. I love Anne's quote the best
theglossarie theglossarie 8 years
5/5 woo hoo!
danixk danixk 8 years
3 of 5...all guesses!
hippiecowgirl hippiecowgirl 8 years
I got the last 2 right. I had #3 right, but changed my answer.
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
5/5, go me! And the Anne one was totally obvious, she's the kind to say that I think. And the CZJ one was not tough, because she's the only one I can see saying "beer barrel", not "can"!
emalove emalove 8 years
Woo. Aced it.
sunshinepointe sunshinepointe 8 years
Lol, I only got the one by Anne Hathaway right and even that was a guess.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
5/5 I was wondering what was with the beer image until I saw question #4.
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