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Definition: Cellulite

Skin dimples, cottage cheese or "cookie thighs" are nicknames for the trapped layer of fat and waste that are stuck inside the depths of your skin. We know it better, of course, as cellulite.

According to a recent article, Cellulite occurs when the band of connective tissue that contains healthy fat cells necessary to protect your muscles and organs get overloaded. Since the toxins and waste don't get properly emitted from your skin, they thicken, harden and create that uneven and lumpy texture.

Cellulite affects most women after puberty, and you don't have to be overweight to get it. It generally affects the stomach, glutes and thigh area on females and the neck and belly region on men. There is evidence linking the cause of cellulite to genetics, metabolism, lack of exercise, hormones and nutrition. It's harmless, approximately 90% of women have it, and so far there's no cream that eliminates it. So while you don't have to love it, you might as well live with it.


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