Chanel Black Satin nail polish is undeniably the hottest nail color this fall. Since its initial release in late July, it's been sold out almost everywhere, prompting waiting lists at department stores and high bids on eBay. Now, according to an article in the New York Times, the must-have nail polish is back!

Starting today, department stores nationwide will be restocked with new bottles of Black Satin, thanks to a recent ramp-up in production on the part of Chanel. According to the NYT,

"The company says interest in Black Satin grew after Jessica Alba and other young celebrities were spotted wearing it this summer. Soon, Chanel executives said, it was selling a thousand bottles a week."

I think the whole thing is a bit silly. It is, after all, just black nail polish; in middle school, we bought the same color made by cheap-o drugstore brand Wet N Wild. But if you simply must have some, it retails for $18, or you can buy it on eBay here; the current bid on this particular auction is $31.