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Chanel Inimitable Mascara Review

Mascara Madness: Chanel Inimitable

We've been busy testing and photographing a bucket load of mascaras — so you know exactly what it looks like and how it wears before you think about buying it. Last time, we tested MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash, and now we're testing Chanel Inimitable mascara ($30). To see a close-up of how this mascara looks on real-girl lashes and get the pros and cons, just keep reading.

  • Our tester thought it looked great on.
  • The nylon brush reaches even the tiniest lashes.


  • It can be clumpy if not applied carefully.
  • Removal takes a little extra effort.

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portionsforfoxes portionsforfoxes 7 years
I was actually really surprised to see such negative responses for this mascara, especially after reading a review of MAC's Zoom Fast. I think it might be hard to tell the difference because there is no contrast between the thick brown eyeliner and the mascara. Now I own BOTH these mascaras, and I'm a bit saddened by this review of Inimitable. I use it pretty much every single day since I first bought it a year and a half ago (I'm on my fifth tube now actually- *sigh* yes that is ridiculous and borderline stupid to spend that much), and I get much better results than this review. The synthetic bristles seriously coat every inch of lash, and you don't need to go over it a bajillion times; my lashes are pretty nice to begin with, but not very thick. When I wear it I get BUTTLOADS of compliments on my eyelashes. BUTTLOADS!! Hahaha... Anyhow I also have the MAC mascara that was given a rave review a couple of days ago and I could not disagree more. The quality of this brush is the poorest I have ever used. I swiped one coat on and it was the clumpiest mess I have ever seen....literally clumped together into FIVE EYELASHES. The only solution I have found to get this mascara wearable is to wipe the entire brush nearly clean and THEN using it. But that wastes so much, I literally probably got about $2 worth of mascara from that tube because in order to make it even wearable I had to wipe off so much. In any event this is just my opinion, I'm sure MAC Zoom Fast works well for some people, but if you've wanted to try Inimitable don't let this review deter you, its really pretty great if you use it right.
greykatt greykatt 7 years
Anon:"Would it be possible to do a shot without the mascara at all (bare lashes) and then on with the mascara? It is hard to do a comparison otherwise. " giraffeluv:"Is that picture of her with the mascara on? That's not dramatic enough to warrant a $10 price tag, much less a $30 one! D: " I totaly agree! I am having a hard time telling the difference besides the direction of the lashes.
giraffeluv giraffeluv 7 years
Is that picture of her with the mascara on? That's not dramatic enough to warrant a $10 price tag, much less a $30 one! D:
jaymee024 jaymee024 7 years
this is my FAVORITE mascara!! It does wonders for my stick straight Asian lashes.
shaima shaima 7 years
I bought this mascara for 27 euros last year and will never buy it again. It's not bad but not good either! I expected more from a "chanel" mascara, especially when it's expensive. I had better results with L'oréal Telescopic or Clinique.
esweet esweet 7 years
Yep I'm not impressed, esp. for the $30 price tag.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i dont think that looks very good at all you can barely see it and it looks clumpy dislike!
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