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Chanel Temporary Tattoos Photograph

Another Look at Chanel's Temporary Tattoos

Here's an excerpt from OnSugar blog The Make-Up Blogette:

I made a frivolous purchase, and got Les Trompe-L'œil De Chanel — whatever, it's just temporary tattoos! ... It's five sheets of designs, a total of 55 pieces of patterns that you can combine together to create your own 'necklaces,' 'bracelets,' etc.

Since these aren't very suitable work-wise for me, I tried on a very modest design. Very subtle, but kind of cute.  I could probably ask my very artistic sister to draw on the same design with her 921891238902 markers... but well, these are just for fun, okay? 

For more pictures, check out The Make-Up Blogette. And why not start your own OnSugar blog? We may feature your post on BellaSugar.

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whitingart whitingart 7 years
Pretty and I love it! No way I would pay that much for it unfortunately!
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 7 years
AtelierGal - I don't think temporary tatts are reusuable. After a few days they sort of become less clear, and you can scrub them off, or rub off with alcohol based solution.
AtelierBeautyDOTCOM AtelierBeautyDOTCOM 7 years
I've been lemming for them ever since they were introduced! But $105....are the designs re-usable?
Citygirlinred Citygirlinred 7 years
Now is a tattoo I woudn't mind having on my body - Beautiful!!
juliarose23 juliarose23 7 years
thats really cute!
franceslopez franceslopez 7 years
I love them! If I weren't already very tan, I'd definitely want them.
everbluec everbluec 7 years
The tattoos were really pretty! Agree with everyone.. love the one on your wrist. (It made your hand look longer!) The cross look very awesome too!
wahh 105 !? fainted* lol im loving the tattoo put 105 is wayyy to much for me to spent on..
icyabstract icyabstract 7 years
I like the one you have on your hands! It's very pretty but wow for $105... oh my!
charlenejudith charlenejudith 7 years
Oh gosh! They are beautiful!!! I read about them a while back but the price was ughhh :\. But after reading this and seeing that beautiful tattoo on your hand... BOY, AM I TEMPTED!
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 7 years
michelle -- must get at the chanel store, so you don't end up with a Taka or Metro paper bag. LOL sarah -- yup!! so tempted after they tried it out~
icefrost icefrost 7 years
Its probably cheaper to get a real tattoo.... but its Chanel!! Even the plastic bag is gorgeous!
FacesBySarah FacesBySarah 7 years
i saw it on pixiwoo! i somehow had a feeling you would get it! :) the swallows are so lovely!
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 7 years
littlefrozengirl - yes I like how 3D they look... super pretty! kas - yea, I like how intricate the designs are, the birds and the twigs/ flower thingy kim - yea, i will use them sparingly though if i follow the design used on the runway models I think one set is not even enough. LOL nice to collect... and when you feel like it, just throw in a 'necklace' here and there for effect. the MUA told me each location carries 100 pcs in stock... when i was at the store, a few other pple were buying too. they just came out today. go grab if you are interested!
Junkshion Junkshion 7 years
rainyydays rainyydays 7 years
=O!! you bought them! omg! i wanted to purchase them too after watching the pixiwoo sisters' demo, but i'm afraid after spending the money, i won't use them. but they're soo gorgeous! haha have fun using them! :D
littlefrozengirl littlefrozengirl 7 years
they look so 3D like, so pretty!!
heavenlygorgeous heavenlygorgeous 7 years
Oh and by the way, they look like real tattoos. ;)
heavenlygorgeous heavenlygorgeous 7 years
WOW! $105 for 5 pieces of design? My eyes almost popped out. :p I watched Pixiwoo's video and she said it lasts like a week. But they're very pretty and it's Chanel! With Chanel, nothing could go wrong. Hehe!! And by the way, CHANEL IT UP THIS WEEKEND, GIRL! ;)
roseannetangrs roseannetangrs 7 years
oh yea! they were featured on the chanel runway! super cute!
the-makeup-blogette the-makeup-blogette 7 years
mya - I am almost afraid to mention the price. but they retail for $105 for the whole set. I like how they are all individual separate pieces, and you can mix and match. :p
heavenlygorgeous heavenlygorgeous 7 years
This is awesome! I digg the one that you had on your wrist. By the way, how much these babies cost?
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