If you've been following nail polish trends over the last few months, you know that Blue Satin is this season's It color. Part of the Chanel spring color collection, it's an inky shade that nearly looks black. But Dior wants you to take a new look at its blue-polish offering, which just launched as a Sephora exclusive in the States.

How will you know which blue's for you? Well, that partly depends on whether you prefer wholesome musicals or New Jack Swing. Read on:

Chanel Blue Satin Dior Poison Blue Advantage?
Color Dark navy with a subtle shimmer Dark, glossy navy It's a matter of personal preference, really.
Spokesmodel Russian model Natalia Vodianova French actress Eva Green Chanel. Both women look intense, but the Photoshop job on Eva crushes any hope that we'll remotely resemble the ad.
Song association Reminiscent of the "blue satin sashes" that Julie Andrews sings about with the Von Trapp children. Inclusion of "poison" in name hints at possible Bell Biv Devoe inspiration. Dior. (Yeah, poison.)
The backstory Blue Satin was as sought-after as its Fall 2007 predecessor, Black Satin. Until it became a Sephora exclusive, Poison Blue was available only abroad. Chanel. Poison Blue is a little late to the party.
Availability Sold out at many Chanel counters, but Nordstrom still has stock. Only at Sephora It's a draw.
Price $19/.4 oz $19/.33 oz Chanel, by a drop.