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The cheapskate in me has been inspired by an Ayurvedic spa treatment I recently had. Before beginning the massage, my esthetician used a stiff brush to briskly go over my dry skin. Not only did it exfoliate dead skin cells, it also increased circulation, and the herbal oil she used left me feeling luxuriously moisturized.

I was so impressed by how good the dry skin brushing felt that I've pulled a MacGyver and have started doing something similar at home. Before stepping into the shower, I gently buff my body with the rough side of a regular kitchen sponge. You can buy these patterned O-Cel-O sponges at your local drugstore for about a dollar, and as long as you use a light touch, you'll be able to get rid of dead skin. They're too rough for your face, so don't think about using this on your complexion; instead, use it on feet, elbows and any other tough, rough skin. After the shower, follow with moisturizer and you'll have the "aah" of the spa—without the "eek" of a high price tag.


actorgirl21 actorgirl21 10 years
I'm an esthetician and dry brushing is great. We use it in all of our body treatments. The kitchen pad is a good idea but you can actually get a dry brush at your local drug store for around the same price. I just bought a bunch for the salon for 99 cents at a walmart! Just look for natural bristle shower brush in the cosmetics section.
mdbzmom mdbzmom 10 years
Thanks Trace Face I definately want to try that!
jadoremondieu jadoremondieu 10 years
great advice. i have a Body Shop dry body brush with a long wooden handle that allows me to dry brush my back, too. it's great ... there's nothing like a good scrubbing!
lovealways lovealways 10 years
I may just have to try this - my elbows are so rough!
Schaianne Schaianne 10 years
I seriously would never have thought of this ... but I just may give it a try! I LOVE alternate uses and being frugal!!
ali582 ali582 10 years
Scarlet Scarlet 10 years
Wow, that sounds actually, kind of, fun.
katlovesclothes katlovesclothes 10 years
Cool! I love these inexpensive tips! One of my faves comes from Grandma (you survive the great depression, you learn to use some cheap beauty fixes- right?) Anyway, she makes a paste in the palm of her hand with warm water and baking soda, applies it gently to the face in circular motions to exfoliate; Rinse with Cold water, do not dry- glowy complexion will result!
diorbaby diorbaby 10 years
thanks for the tip! I will go by some sponges on the way home!
trace-face62028 trace-face62028 10 years
^ mdbzmom... it may have been me, I mentioned it on here not too long ago (I think it was posted on an article about reducing cellulite because that is one of the benefits it had for me) Dry brushing is AWESOME. The sponge really can't compare. You need to use a brush with soft, natural bristles or else it will be too abrasive and not do what it's supposed to do - gently remove dead skin and improve circulation.. I guess I would probably use a sponge on my heels or where I have really dry skin, because sometimes the pumice stone is too hard.. but I don't think I'd use a dish sponge for a body scrubber. Dry brushing all the way! They're not that expensive, Bella.. so cheapskates need not worry! :) Check Wal-Mart. But MAKE SURE THEY ARE NATURAL BRISTLES, NOT SYNTHETIC!! Then take a warm shower, try to not use a lot of drying soaps or bodywashes. The brush took a lot of the dead skin and dirt with it. When you get out, use all natural products if possible, because your pores are really open and you'll absorb a lot of what you put on. Try to use an oil blend if you can. (I usually use either apricot kernel oil, with some other essential oils that stimulate circulation as well...) and then just relax with your awesome, glowy skin. :D
mnp mnp 10 years
I think the hairbrush is a better idea (RobinFabulous' idea). Besides, you can never clean a sponge well enough to prevent it from harboring bacteria.
mdbzmom mdbzmom 10 years
I read someone mention dry-brushing on here and i looked it up. It sounds wonderful. I will definately try this alternative
Emiily Emiily 10 years
I'd like to gently use it on my face, and my arms and bony areas like my hip bones & back. Great idea :)
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 10 years
I wonder if a soft child's hairbrush might be a better alternative. Those run around $1 and I dunno the harsh side of a sponge just scares me a little
ALSW ALSW 10 years
Great idea! The cheapskate in me appreciates this one!
AlliJean AlliJean 10 years
I've used those Buff Puff's before. A little harsh for the face (I was young, I didn't know better), but they are good for the body. The downside is they aren't as big as these sponges. However, unlike these sponges they were designed to be used on skin, not dishware.
CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
Nice work Bella, I will totally have to try this- besides, I have been meaning to pick up a package of scrubbing sponges anyway :)
sofi sofi 10 years
Does anyone remember Buff Puff? I think I used it as a teenager (there I go aging myself again) but I actually saw it in the supermarket the other day and was tempted. It was 1/2 off. I don't think I would use it on my face, but as a body buffer? Anyone actually use it?
vienvien vienvien 10 years
I don't think I would try scares me to use abrasives on my body other than sugar scrub or oatmeal scrub
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
Not a bad idea. Yay for being cheap!
la-vita-bella la-vita-bella 10 years
the patterns are so cheesy looking though!
KrisSugar KrisSugar 10 years
that is so funny! When i was renovating my condo, I had cleaning supplies everywhere, including some that just lived int the shower. i had such a hard time getting paint and plaster off of myself, and one day that sponge was in there, and you know what I did. :) Despite the fact that it previously had soft scrub on it, i used the sponge and got all the mess off. PLUS, my skin was so soft! I wouldn't recommend soft scrubbing yourself though. :) use one that you don't use to actually clean your house.
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