The cheapskate in me has been inspired by an Ayurvedic spa treatment I recently had. Before beginning the massage, my esthetician used a stiff brush to briskly go over my dry skin. Not only did it exfoliate dead skin cells, it also increased circulation, and the herbal oil she used left me feeling luxuriously moisturized.

I was so impressed by how good the dry skin brushing felt that I've pulled a MacGyver and have started doing something similar at home. Before stepping into the shower, I gently buff my body with the rough side of a regular kitchen sponge. You can buy these patterned O-Cel-O sponges at your local drugstore for about a dollar, and as long as you use a light touch, you'll be able to get rid of dead skin. They're too rough for your face, so don't think about using this on your complexion; instead, use it on feet, elbows and any other tough, rough skin. After the shower, follow with moisturizer and you'll have the "aah" of the spa—without the "eek" of a high price tag.