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Is This Face Scrubber a Match For Clarisonic?

Do you squeal with joy upon finding a much (much) cheaper alternative to an expensive beauty item? Of course. At any rate, I love my Clarisonic, but at almost $200, it's most certainly an investment. For about $150 less, there's the Pretika Sonic Dermabrasion Facial Brush ($41.50). While I haven't tried out this much (much!) cheaper version of the expensive original, I'm wondering if you have. If so, tell us all about it. Is it as good as the highly sought-after Clarisonic, or is it a cheap imitation?

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rocksit rocksit 2 years

I purchased the aria over the mia due to the additional speed options. I am not sure that was necessary but when spending so much I wanted the option. That said I should have thought to purchase this over the mia for the charging stand. It has a clean look and helps in my already over crowded bathroom. Either way I am happy with my decision to buy the aria. I love using this, I hate washing my face without it. Just a tip use in combination with mario badescu enzyme cleansing lotion. It helped me overcome the 'purge' and I absolutely love it!

(Tips: Try to use sonic cleansing brush, the same effect and better cost )

christydenneson christydenneson 5 years
There is a cheap alternative-it's called a VIC cloth and they only cost about $11. I bought one because I couldn't afford the clarisonic and needed something gentle for my sensitive skin and it's amazing (and washable!) They aren't as cool looking, kinda like an ugly washcloth-but it it super amazing for smooth & soft skin!!
mshogan mshogan 7 years
I bought the Pretika about 2 months ago, use it daily and it really works great! Since I live in South-Africa (the exchange rate is about $ 1 = ZAR 8) the Clarisonic was completely out of my price range. I am very happy with my Pretika and will definitely purchase another one if this one ever breaks.
joey8888 joey8888 7 years
I have the Clarisonic and the Pretika just to compare. Hand matter how you slice, dice or cut's the same machine. Just find a product that works for you to put on the Pretika.Rite Aid has the Predika on sale for $29.99...can't beat that. I don't buy knock-off anything but.....this is for real. BYE!
1955nurse 1955nurse 7 years
I have a Grandson, and another on the way - no matter how badly I want that Clarsonic, I just can't justify spending that much $$. Let me know how this new one fares--'til then, I'll keep using my facial cleansing brush!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Ah, interesting — thank you for weighing in. I love my Clarisonic, but it's quite an investment, so I was hoping this might be a good budget buy.
0037sammie 0037sammie 7 years
I wish I knew about this before I placed an order for Clarisonic! My skin has been seriously playing up so I took the plunge and ordered one last week...
fauxcat fauxcat 7 years
I have it. It's certainly "cheaper" in feel and construction; I got mine with some online coupon on for about $25. However, it does vibrate and did a nice job cleaning my face. After a couple of weeks, I got bored of it and went back to using normal exfoliating washes and huge difference. I don't have a Clarisonic, but I've played with it at Sephora. It's definitely a higher-end product, and the oscillation seemed finer and more precise. The brush head was also a bit softer. Both come with a charging station, but the Pretika brush has exposed metal charging 'nodes' on the unit, which I can foresee rusting if you use it daily and don't dry it really well after each use. That's not an issue with the Clarisonic. My advice is this: if you can get the Pretika on sale and just want to play around with this method of face-washing, go ahead and try it - it will do the job. If you like it, you'll probably want to upgrade to a Clarisonic eventually. I've found that other cleansing methods work well enough for me and are cheaper; I might still get a Clarisonic some day, but only if I've got extra cash and nothing else to spend it on.
pandacn pandacn 7 years
I don't know if I would trust a cheaper version, but all I know that I just splurged on the Clarisonic, and I LOVE it. I'm amazed at what it can do when I've only used it for a few weeks. Can't wait to see long term results and what it can do for my skin as I age.
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