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Children Wearing Adult Makeup to School

Should 6-Year-Olds Wear Makeup?

When I was but a baby Bella of 3 or 4, my mama had some purple Clinique eye shadow base that I was obsessed with. Somehow, I'd always get my chubby little hands on it. So I understand a child's love of makeup and color — it's fun to smear yourself with bright pigments, regardless of your gender. But increasingly, small girls are wearing makeup for real, and not just to play dress-up at home.

In the UK, there are reports of children as young as 6 wearing adult-style makeup to school on a daily basis. One little girl interviewed even said she wears makeup each day because "it makes me look prettier." Heartbreaking. Many of the mothers interviewed seemed to think they had no choice but to go along with their girls' wishes; some lamented that makeup and adult clothing have become common for girls (although who's buying it for them, hmmm?). What do you think about this? Would you let your small child wear mascara and lipstick if she really, really wanted to, or do you think it's detrimental to a normal childhood and a healthy sense of self?

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