Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week: Chris Benz

If you remain unconvinced that the '90s are upon us once again, look no further than the makeup at Chris Benz's presentation. "Chris was inspired by girls he grew up with in Seattle," makeup artist Daniel Martin said of the show's makeup inspiration. "We wanted to bring brown lipstick back."

To do so, Martin did a little backstage MacGyvering. To get a gothic-chic look, he used Lancome Le Crayon Poudre brow pencil in Sable as a lip liner. From there, he applied Lancome Color Design matte lipstick in Bronze Show. (It's out next month at Macy's.) To create a fuller look, he dabbed a bit of Juicy Tubes gloss in Hallucination on the center of the bottom lip.

While puttering around backstage, I tried out the forthcoming Lancome Ombre Magnétique eye shadow. It has a unique texture, much like a mousse but not as whipped and creamy. It's impressive stuff, able to deliver subtle sparkle that stays put. We have to wait until July to try it out for ourselves, but as you can see, it looked great at the show.

Image Source: Getty
You can see the sparkly eye shadow, yeah? I was impressed. Really pretty, and looks more or less goof-proof.
wow the makeup on the homepage picture is stunning. Chris Benz is a fab designer.
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