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Christie Brinkley obviously has some killer genes, but she's also relied on dermatologist Patricia Wexler for the past 16 years to keep her skin looking gorgeous. Well, it's paying off: Brinkley is currently starring in the Broadway musical Chicago as 25-year-old murderess Roxie Hart — a character 32 years Brinkley's junior (yes, the supermodel is actually 57!). Wexler shares some of the ways Brinkley keeps her skin in great shape when you keep reading.

Stock up on sunscreen. "Christie is a surfer, but you'd never know it — she always uses sun protection, the number-one way to prevent aging," Wexler says.

Be vigilant. "Christie's a perfectionist and doesn't let things — even little things — go" explains Wexler. "Instead of waiting until you have 30 sun spots on your face to go see a dermatologist, stay on top of it and go when you see just one. When Christie has a little brown spot, she comes in and we treat it with a laser."


Don't yo-yo diet. "After sun and tobacco, the third ager is losing and gaining weight, since it stretches the skin and causes it to lose elastin," Wexler says. "I tell my clients to pick a weight — high or low — and maintain it. Christie's always been athletic, and she's kept her body for years. That definitely contributes to her great skin."

Chill out. "She keeps my eye gel [Patricia Wexler MD, Dermatology Fastscription Instant De-Puff Eye Gel] in her fridge and dabs it on in the morning."

Switch it up. "A healthy lifestyle is so important for having beautiful skin. Christie does all kinds of exercises: gym, Pilates, yoga, walking on the beach, and now dancing. And she rarely drinks," Wexler says.

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