After the Golden Globes, fashion critic Cathy Horyn published a one-line takedown of actress Christina Hendricks's dress and had a quote from a stylist referring to Christina as "big." Now, while that may seem catty, it could possibly be regarded as a reference to Christina's rather impressive bosom instead of her overall size. (Playing devil's advocate.)

What made the article truly painful was the fact that Christina's picture had been badly stretched horizontally, making her actually appear larger, when in fact she's very svelte. The Times has changed out the photo, saying that it was an "error during routine processing," but many people don't believe that's the case. Either way, this doesn't do much to support the whole love-your-body-at-any-size message that some publications are trying to support. Do you think this was a purposeful attempt to distort Christina into looking "big," or was it just a Photoshopping accident?