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During the ridiculously cold winter months, I always tell my clients that revamping your skincare routine is the key to fantastic looking skin that glows. Even a few minor changes can make a huge difference in your skin, and help protect it from the drying winds, and harsh weather. You can easily maximize the time you spend on your beauty habits by adding these extra products into your daily practice. I am a huge proponent of using products that give you the biggest bang for your buck, and help to keep your skin moisturized, even when you are short on time.

1) Try a dry oil that works on your skin, face, and hair! Argan Oil is the newest beauty craze that has taken the industry by storm, because of its healing qualities, and superb nourishing benefits. This all-in-one elixir does wonders to replenish lost moisture, due to its extremely high levels of Vitamin E . This makes it perfect for healing many skin ailments, such as weather burn, cracked cuticles, rosacea, and more. I even use this oil on my split ends to help restore the luster in my hair. My current product of choice is the fantastic Josie Maran Argan Oil line.

2) Most people forget about taking the time in the shower to pamper yourself and care for your skin. My number-one tip is to maximize the time you spend in the shower by using a deeply nourishing body wash (that can also double as a shaving cream!). The heat and steam of the shower make it the perfect time to relax and hydrate those dry areas on our bodies that go neglected. Utilize a loofah, or sponge, and lather up with a skin softening body cleanser. My product choice is Dove Nutrium Deep Moisture Body Wash.