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anniess anniess 6 years
I tried Perfect 10 and loved the results. Hair was not dull med. blonde, but shiny and soft andthe color was wonderful. BUT (NOTE BIG BUT!) the color faded fast. After 2 washings became light blonde. Fortunately, the grey is still covered, and it looks good, just not med. blonde any more. Will try dark blonde next and see what happends. It looks natural, much diff. than any other hair color I have ever tried (since 1966!). If it just didn't fade so fast!
happyerin happyerin 6 years
Did my hair way too blonde with another product, not at all pleased, close to grey looking. I desperately needed help and online I found runaway blonde Perfect 10 and love it! It is the best I've found in a long time, really easy, like the others I didn't like the applicator. thinking of going out and stocking up in case they ever discontinue! Very happy indeed it looks so natural and feels so healthy!
rebel1967 rebel1967 8 years
I love this hair dye it does exactly what it says! Thanks so much you save me loads of time to do other things
LoriLG LoriLG 8 years
Okay..I am going to use this product tonight. I will post the results on I am Tinkerbell_LG. I have highlighted hair but due to financial issues, against my hairdressers advice, I am going to "DO IT MYSELF". Arghhh. Scarey. It will be done by 9:00pm EST tonight. Wish me luck, pray for success and we will see what happens. I will post my opinion about the results on this website as well tomorrow. God bless you all.
sunnybun sunnybun 8 years
I had a store coupon for $5 off, so I decided to try this product. I was very disappointed in it. I have been using hair color for 40 years, so I know how to use it, but, the color was patchy and after one shampoo, my roots are noticeably lighter. I was going to a new job the morning I used it, and I had to tease and comb my hair specifically to cover the places where the color was uneven. I will not pay the inflated price of $13.99 for this inferior product again. Thanks for the price hike, Clairol. Just what we need in these times!
lisachloe lisachloe 8 years
Here's my take on Perfect 10 hair colour. I live in the UK & purchased 2 packs of "dark brown Perfect 10" as I have thick, naturally curly, long (past shoulder length) hair. I mixed up both bottles & placed the comb applicator on one bottle & the usual nozzle on the other bottle. I had around an inch of grey root around the frame of my face & used the "nozzle" applicator to apply the colour. I then changed to the comb applicator & followed my hair from root to tip working from the sides first. As I started to apply the colour (with the comb) my hair started to get knotty (my hair's thick curly & long remember). So I took a little more time around the back of my head. I then decided to tip my head forward so I could apply all the colour evenly (again my hair knotted). When I lifted my head back up, I was horrified to see that my lovely white, tranquil bathroom, was now a dark brown splattered mess!!! My vanity unit was splattered, my ceiling was splattered & my toilet seat & cistern splattered!!!! So, I was now in a quandary of what I should do? Should I rinse the colour off (it was now 15 minutes - 5 minutes over the said time) or should I attempt to remove the dye? I chose the latter.....& made it worse! The colour spread, revealing a lighter brown "cloud effect" from where I had rubbed. The vanity unit still had the splatter marks, as for the ceiling - I couldn't reach it, so I decided to rinse my hair! The colour took what seemed a lifetime to rinse out, the conditioner had a coconut/almond fragrance (I needed more that the recommended amount (size of a 10p coin) to cover my hair. So, I decided to keep the conditioner on my hair, while I went out to get the step ladders from the garage to remove the colour from the ceiling! No chance of removing it either - so it looks like a total paint jobs needed on the bathroom, I also need a new toilet seat & vanity unit top! I'm guessing in years to come, I'll laugh about it! lol I also called my husband, he laughed when I said the bathroom looks as though there's been a massacre. Apparently, I'm not to worry & he'll re-decorate the bathroom this weekend. So, after rinsing the conditioner off my hair (& giving it a blast of cold water to seal the cuticle) I've now straightened my hair & I can say that it is a lovely dark brown colour, with no grey roots - they've all disappeared! My hairs very shiny, silky & very soft (maybe it's also due to me leaving the conditioner on for around 30 minutes). Pro's - My grey roots were covered within 15 minutes Loved the comb applicator Conditioner was great Very reasonable price (£9.58 for 2 packs) Con's - Mixture is too runny for my liking, resulted in a massacred bathroom of colour splattered walls, ceiling, vanity unit & seat. Would I use again? I guess I will, although, I will probably use the comb applicator for my roots only & the nozzle applicator for the mid lengths & ends, then massage the colour into my hair - I don't mind a little colour on my scalp (even if I do look like a "Lego man") I'd rather have the colour on my scalp than my bathroom! lol. I'd say this product is ideal for short hair users, it would be a breeze to apply. Mid-length hair users may also be fine using it. Curly, thick & long hair users - you have been warned!!!
pmburkes pmburkes 8 years
I just tried Perfect10 (#5 med.brown) and was extremely pleased with the results. I was skeptical that it could actually show highlights in my hair, but I couldn't believe my eyes!! Absolutely the best color I have ever used. I highly recommend Perfect10.
BellesMommy422 BellesMommy422 8 years
I just bought this hair dye about a week ago, I haven't used it yet but cant wait. I got the light auburn shade. I have naturally dark brown hair. I've been looking for specific shade of auburn and haven't seen anything. Until I saw this one, from the guide on the side of the box this shade was just what I was looking for!
MandainAZ MandainAZ 8 years
I was SO pleased with this Perfect 10 hair dye kit that I searched for a place where I could comment about it. I was blonde ALL MY LIFE and recently dyed my hair to the "Medium Brown Perfect 10". Not only is this hair dye extremely easy to use because of the comb they provide you with to evenly distribute it throughout your hair, it dyes in 10 minutes or less. It says it gives your hair a healthy shine and that is TRUE. My hair is so healthy now. I'm sure that it has something to do with the fact that I went brown after being blonde, but, I am still POSITIVE that it had a lot to do with this hair dye. If you cannot afford to get your hair professionally done, I would recommend that Perfect 10 is the closest to professional dying that you can a box. It actually dyes your hair the color the box shows you. No red tints, no green tints, just the color. It looks beautiful and natural. If anyone would like to see a picture of my hair you can email me at :)
miss-mae miss-mae 8 years
I have been doing a light ash blonde two step(base dye l'oreal preference, then revlon frost and glow)color for almost 2 years now. I'm a freshman in college and i have absolutely no money to spend 20-30 dollars on hair dye nor do i have time for the hours it takes to dye and condition hair etc. I decided i would dye my hair to my root color and stop coloring my hair overall. (or at least make it so i don't look ridiculous if i don't color every 4-6 weeks) i have been using this... which actually made my base color looks like this... which is what i expected. i highlighted with this... so i wanted to go back to my roots. so i used this... and it turned out perfectly. its just enough difference to let my roots grow in, but its not too much difference that my boyfriend would hate it haha... the comb applicator was kind of a pain in the butt, so i switched back to the normal one, which i'm much more used to, and it worked fine. color is good, smell isn't awful, although its not lovely or even good. the formula was kind of drippy though. i'd recommend this to someone who is familiar with home dying, but not to someone who is used to salon dye, just because someone who dyes at home can predict and knows what to expect from a box dye.
DanaC DanaC 8 years
I thought this product was horrible. It actually dyed my hair 2 different colors and did not cover my gray at all, so my hair was 3 different colors. It also left my hair feeling like straw and began washing out not even 2 days later. It was the worst home dye I have ever used.
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