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Clarisonic Mia Acne System Picture and Review

What We're Sweet On: A Brush For the Blemished

Countless praises have been sung for Clarisonic, the cult-favorite sonic skin cleansing brush. But until now, the acne-addled haven't had a version that targets their complexion condition. Enter the newest incarnation of the Mia 2 brush and salicylic acid-infused cleanser ($169), which aims to keep blemishes at bay. We gave the brush a spin (courtesy of public relations), and like the original, it removes the dirt and makeup that doesn't always come off through washing by hands alone. The new brush head ($25) is softer than the original, though, and it's especially gentle for anyone who's experiencing stubborn blackheads or painful nodules. While no product will produce flawless skin overnight, with consistent use, having clearer skin may only be a matter of time.

rocksit rocksit 2 years

Very good product. I am highly satisfied. I have been using my sonic cleansing brush for more than 3 weeks and I can see that I started to breakout less and my skin feels very smooth. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

miss-leanne miss-leanne 5 years
Must add this little input.. I don't know if it's just my bad luck or if it's a mechanical flaw, but my mia broke (wouldn't charge) after less than 2 months of use. Their warranty is AMAZING. They sent me a new one via fedex asap along with a return shipping label to send the old one back. I was thrilled with the customer service. Unfortunately, the same exact thing happened to the replacement one a few months later. After shelling out almost $200 after tax, I am very disappointed. Also want to add that this was never dropped and I have no issues with anything else that plugs into my wall, so I can't figure out what could have caused this. I'm very tempted to buy the pro since I loved what this did to my pores, but scared to death of losing a few hundred more in less than a year.
galepfyffer galepfyffer 5 years
 @Annie Tomlin At first, I was using it every day, morning and night. Then, after about 1 month, seeing that my skin was getting irritated, I stopped for a good month. After it, I used it only once a day, but it was not working either. On my third try, I used it once every two days. My skin was less irritated, but still far from being normal.  Concerning the cleanser, I first used a biotherm pump-out mouss cleanser for sentitive skin, and after I finished it I used alep soap. 
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 5 years
 @galepfyffer Thanks for the story. How often were you using it? Which cleanser did you use? Just curious — I love finding out what works and what doesn't for people. Like you, I'm acne-prone; I use my Clarisonic brush every three days or so, but I haven't had any problems.
galepfyffer galepfyffer 5 years
I bought the Mia (first generation, not the one you are writing about), because I wanted to clear my oily and slightly acne-prone skin. But I sold it a few days ago, after using it on and off for a few months. I wanted to use it to clear my skin, but it actually got it really sensitive and it made my acne much worse. I didn't think that my skin would react like that, because it is not sensitive, and it is oily, but using the Mia, even with the "delicate" brush head got me big, painful acne around the chin and jaw, cystic kind. My skin is not completely recovered, even though I stopped using it alltogether more than 3 months ago. Now, I exfoliate once every 3 days, with a very small grain exfoliant, and I clean my skin with a very gentle cleanser.  I've read that many people are absolutely happy with the Mia, but for my part I really regret buying it. Not only was it a waste of money, it also damaged my skin. 
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