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Clarisonic Review 2008-06-30 08:00:59

The Clarisonic Diaries: Week One

There are two beauty gadgets people usually ask me about: No!No! and Clarisonic. As far as No!No! is concerned, you can read my review here. But until last week, I'd never tried Clarisonic ($195). The oscillating brush uses sonic technology, promising to remove six times more makeup than regular cleansing, while reducing the appearance of fine lines at the same time.

My buddy Philleif recently bought a Clarisonic, and he won't stop raving about it. (He may or may not have mocked me for being behind the times.) But now that I've been sent one to review, I'll keep you posted on whether his (and Oprah's) Clarisonic evangelizing is deserved. For my first thoughts,


I've been using my Clarisonic for only a few days, and as the weeks progress, I'll update BellaSugar with my thoughts. So far, so good. Because Clarisonic is supposed to clean better than soap and water alone, I did a few unscientific tests to see if there was any difference. I washed my face the regular way, then followed it by cleansing with Clarisonic to see if it picked up any residue.

I've always thought that I take good care of my skin, particularly when cleansing, but, uh, I was wrong. Even after cleaning my face, I'd use Clarisonic and be amazed by how much additional dirt and makeup it removed. Clarisonic lifted up bits of blush and powder that were invisible to the naked eye, but when they turned up on Clarisonic's bristles, I couldn't believe how much I'd missed in my first cleansing. You know how you'll sweep your floor, and it looks clean, but then you Swiffer it and find so much more dust? It's like that.

I'm less than a week into my Clarisonic cleaning spree, though, so who knows what other discoveries await? Will it reduce the appearance of my pores? reduce oil? make my other skin care products more effective? I'll keep you posted!

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rocksit rocksit 2 years

I love my Clarisionic. i bought this last Christmas and I have used it religiously since. It leaves my skin refreshed and rejuvenated. I bought the Mia 2 last year, but I think that the Mia 1 is just as good the only difference being the timer on the Mia 2. If I'm my skin is really having a rough day I use this twice in one day. I really feel as though the Clarisonic gets deep down in my pores and have seen an obvious difference in my pore size. Especially since I got the specialized brushes to minimize pours. Love. Love. Love. And would recommend this to everyone.

Tips: Check from

mademoiselle2009 mademoiselle2009 8 years
WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!! i only got it 4 days ago, and o my gosh i am in love! my skin is already transforming i decided to spend some xmas money on it & it's so worth it...get it at sephora cause if by some weeeird chance it doesnt work for you- return it easily!
nowari_101 nowari_101 8 years
it sounds gr8 but is it really worth 195$ ?
lovelie lovelie 8 years
Ladies, if you are thinking about buying one of these and need a great source of information, check out Tons of useful reviews on it from all of the ladies on that site. They all convinced me to get one!
bebleuamieba bebleuamieba 8 years
i got one about a week face feels soo much cleaner after i use it and my pores have already started getting smaller!! still get some occasional zits after eating oily/sweet stuff and staying up late (but that's really my fault :p). It works great and i love the clean feeling after I use it, it's like my face is breathing!! I highly recommend this but then again, I've just started using it so I'll have to wait a bit more to see how it really is! Btw, if anyone wants the pink one, go to! They have free shipping too and reward dollars! :)
bshowell bshowell 8 years
I so want one of these. Despite the price.
Milly-the-ninja Milly-the-ninja 8 years
I want one!im glad it worked for you!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Update coming tomorrow! :)
christine0727 christine0727 8 years
Can we get an update on the clarisonic! I am dying to know what you think of it!
lexus2326 lexus2326 8 years
I'm wondering where the next parts of the Clarisonic Diaries are! I want to find out all about the brush so I can decide whether or not to get one. Thanks Bella!
noahcalebsmommy noahcalebsmommy 8 years
I guess I should have posted and subscribed!! Sorry-I would love to hear from anyone who has used this!! Please see earlier comment! Thanks!
noahcalebsmommy noahcalebsmommy 8 years
Bella- I just got my Clarisonic yesterday and gave it a try last night. I used my regular cleanser (proactiv) and then used the clarisonic. I didn't see much dirt and make up on the brush.... should I have noticed alot? Is it possible to be using it incorrectly-everyone says how much they see on the brush.... I didn't!!! Help!!
beausdorei beausdorei 8 years
What a terrific giveaway! This is something I'd really like to try. With being out on the boat so much this summer my face could really use a massage.
rmille5 rmille5 8 years
Sounds like a great product! I want one!
idawson idawson 8 years
Bostonbean1987 could not agree with you more! I can feel the city on my face ... especially in the summertime I love to wash away the day in mine...
sofi sofi 8 years
thanks for the extra info on the wave :wave: Now, how do I justify $200 :ponder:
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Yeah, I have to say, the Wave and Clarisonic are very, very different. So far, I'm finding the Clarisonic is better at cleaning, and I like being able to use whatever cleanser I please. An update to come next week!
colleenb colleenb 8 years
You got one to try! So jealous.
Food Food 8 years
Well, this is very awesome and very disturbing. I hate to think my face is only getting half clean! The Swiffer analogy is very apt.
cmill38 cmill38 8 years
As far as the Neutrogena product, Bella wrote a review back in December, From reading her article and hearing talk from friends, the Wave and Clarisonic are quite different. The Neutrogena product uses disposable pad which she points out is a bit wasteful. It's also not very cost effective if you decide to keep your product a while and have to replace the pads.
sophiek sophiek 8 years
I love ir! I had cystic acne on my jawline. I tried proactiv, dr. brant, murad, sonja dakkar, dermalogica and professional microdermabrasion. This is the only thing that has cleared my face. I use it with the dermalogica medi-bac line. I don't use the cleanser it comes with. I would suggest using make-up brush cleaner (like the one from clinique) to keep bacteria free.
sofi sofi 8 years
Anyone try this and compare it to the Neutrogena wave? I just can't see myself spending $200- unless I won it here or something ;)
orisugar orisugar 8 years
This sounds cool. But I just use a toner to get excess dirt out after cleansing my face. I use Clinique clarifying toner after cleasing my face and i'm always horrified by the brown layer of dirt that comes off on my cotton pad! I'll check out how this works for you and maybe I'll buy it.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
haha I forgot : ?
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
hey Bella, can this be used every night...
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