There are two beauty gadgets people usually ask me about: No!No! and Clarisonic. As far as No!No! is concerned, you can read my review here. But until last week, I'd never tried Clarisonic ($195). The oscillating brush uses sonic technology, promising to remove six times more makeup than regular cleansing, while reducing the appearance of fine lines at the same time.

My buddy Philleif recently bought a Clarisonic, and he won't stop raving about it. (He may or may not have mocked me for being behind the times.) But now that I've been sent one to review, I'll keep you posted on whether his (and Oprah's) Clarisonic evangelizing is deserved. For my first thoughts,


I've been using my Clarisonic for only a few days, and as the weeks progress, I'll update BellaSugar with my thoughts. So far, so good. Because Clarisonic is supposed to clean better than soap and water alone, I did a few unscientific tests to see if there was any difference. I washed my face the regular way, then followed it by cleansing with Clarisonic to see if it picked up any residue.

I've always thought that I take good care of my skin, particularly when cleansing, but, uh, I was wrong. Even after cleaning my face, I'd use Clarisonic and be amazed by how much additional dirt and makeup it removed. Clarisonic lifted up bits of blush and powder that were invisible to the naked eye, but when they turned up on Clarisonic's bristles, I couldn't believe how much I'd missed in my first cleansing. You know how you'll sweep your floor, and it looks clean, but then you Swiffer it and find so much more dust? It's like that.

I'm less than a week into my Clarisonic cleaning spree, though, so who knows what other discoveries await? Will it reduce the appearance of my pores? reduce oil? make my other skin care products more effective? I'll keep you posted!